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    Your loving VW service tech
    • And I'm not talking about Pete!

      Starting Monday we will have another VW service tech as a member here. ME! 

      After a lot of discussion with my wife and soul-searching myself I decided it was time to leave my current job. I was going to just rely and hope that Broke Auto could hold us, but when I found out that Lithia had service bays open I decided to apply. I had already turned in my 2 weeks to my now former employer, so there wasn't any delay there. I go in Friday to get the paperwork done and my bay set-up.
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    • So whats up folks? Do we want one? Anyone have any ideas? Current thought is to end up here in Nevada and have a BYOE grill out at Broke Auto, pack your coolers and have a fun afternoon? (possibly a keg for adults?)

      I'm thinking about 3-5 people to organize 1-2 for organizing start and any stops, 2-3 people on the route planning. 
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    Something Looks Different
    • Well, here we are. The old forum software is no more.

      We are now on a different host and completely different forums.

      There's still a lot of work to be done, like setting up categories, for example. We'll get there.

      Feel free to create an account, if you'd like. You may also log in using your Facebook or Twitter accounts.

      Or if you'd prefer to look around first, Go Straight To The Forums!

      How's that for easy?
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